Tetris is now a daily game show with cash prizes

N3TWORK is ready to unveil Tetris Royale, too. Players can now join the always-on, 100-player battle royale. In these matches, the last player standing wins, and players will compete for weekly dominance on city, country and global levels.

N3TWORK’s Tetris app is also adding a solo marathon mode, which can be played offline, and a new “together” mode, in which players can invite friends and family to join a game and voice chat while they play.

N3TWORK’s mobile Tetris app arrived early this year, just after EA shut down its mobile Tetris games. At that time, N3TWORK offered a traditional solo gameplay mode, but it said it had “so much more in store.” With Tetris Royale, Primetime and marathon and together modes, N3TWORK is delivering on its promises.

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