Mark and Jay Duplass are making podcasts for Spotify

Spotify’s ever-growing podcast empire got another boost today: The company announced that Mark and Jay Duplass have signed on with the company to create exclusive podcasts. If you don’t know them, the Duplass brothers are actors, writers and producers who’ve had their hands in many high-profile projects over the last few years, though summing up their influence isn’t easy. Most recently, Mark has appeared in The Morning Show on Apple TV; he also wrote and starred in the Netflix film Paddleton last year. Jay, meanwhile, was a regular on Transparent on Amazon for its entire run and has also been writer and executive producer on multiple recent TV series and films.

As for what content the brothers will be producing under their Duplass Brothers Productions banner, it’s unclear outside of both scripted and unscripted podcasts. If you’re a fan of their work and aren’t using Spotify to listen to podcasts, though, you’ll need to switch over as these will be exclusive to the platform. Fortunately, you can get Spotify and listen to podcasts for free, but it’s just another example of how the medium has been fragmenting lately.

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