OnePlus phones get early access to PUBG Mobile at 90FPS

From a distance, OnePlus hardware doesn’t scream ‘mobile gaming powerhouse.’ The company’s phones don’t have shoulder buttons, for instance, side-mounted selfie cameras or color schemes that look like a Decepticon at a Friday night rave. And yet, OnePlus is slowly carving out a reputation for mobile gaming prowess. Today, the company announced that some of its smartphones — the OnePlus 8 and 7T series, as well as the OnePlus 7 Pro, to be precise — can now play PUBG Mobile at a silky smooth 90 frames per second. According to OnePlus, no other handset will have this feature until its timed-exclusivity deal ends on September 6th.

Weirdly, the deal doesn’t stretch to China, Japan or Korea. (Maybe because those regions have particularly competitive PUBG Mobile communities?)

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